rob angus

I have been composing and performing since 1975. I studied electronic and tape music at the Boston School of Electronic Music in 1977, and later received a B.A. degree in Fine Arts from Pennsylvania State University in 1980, having studied music composition and theory, electronic music, film, sculpture, and theatre. Since moving to Seattle in 1982, I have performed in improvising duos and trios, bands, performance pieces and dance pieces, in clubs, festivals, galleries and museums from San Francisco to Vancouver, BC. I have also done sound production work and scores for dance, film, video, multimedia installations and a television spot. I have produced a CD of my music, "Ethnoloopography", which was released in 1994 on the Swedish label 'Multimood', and another CD, "Crossing Ngoli", co-composed with Jeff Greinke, released in 1992 on the German label 'Dossier'. I have self released an album of ambient acoustic drone music, "Sub Strata", an album of odd acoustic songs titled "Unrelenting Happiness", and an album of ambient-industrial and trip hop music, "Slow Rain". In my current live performances I create kinetic ambient-industrial soundscapes using a variety of acoustic instruments and toys to generate sounds that are manipulated, layered, and sent out into a multi-channel surround-sound system. I also record and produce music for other people- check the 'Studio C' pages.

As a photographer, I am interested in the convergence of time and happenstance, which can lend an aesthetic quality to something that would normally go unnoticed. Most of the images on this site are details of rock walls, wood, cement walls, and the hulls of ships docked in a canal near my old neighborhood. Often I "mirror" images in Photoshop; other than that, the images are unaltered. Recently I have been working with abstract video projections for my performances- examples can be seen on my YouTube channel.