past clients include:

Knotpinebox sample 1 sample 2 sample 3
2 and 3 are from the CD 'Almost Any Small Craft Can Be Righted'

Bill Horist sample 1 sample 2
live prepared guitar

Dave Knott sample 1
from the CD 'Sweet Little Guitar Ditties'

Rich Mack sample 1
resophonic guitar

Marilyn Davie sample 1
from the CD 'It's All About The Dog'

Christian Swenson sample 1

Daniel Shurman sample 1
rudra vina

Paul Hoskin sample 1 sample 2
contrabass clarinet
live remote recording

The Yellow Hat Band sample 1 sample 2
live remote recording

Lung Tree sample 1 sample 2
Eric Glick Rieman, Stuart Dempster, Lesli Dalaba
live remote recording

Stephanie and Melissa Reese sample 1
live remote recording