- recordings -
a few mp3's from each project
Sub Strata (2020)
a project of acoustic drone-based music
cello, trombone, bugle, khan, bamboo flutes, ocarina,
whistles and sound toys, voice, tube, and hand percussion

Unrelenting Happiness (2012)
odd songs and instrumentals
acoustic instruments, lap steel and electric bass
counting qin (with Heather Williams)

Slow Rain (1996)
ambient industrial, trip hop, downtempo
mirage sampling keyboard, guitar, drum machine, field recordings

cloudhouse (with Jeff Greinke) (1995)
upbeat electronic pieces
sampling keyboards and synthesizer

Ethnoloopography (1994)
loop compositions, released on Multimood, Sweden
mirage sampling keyboard

Crossing Ngoli (with Jeff Greinke) (1992)
live electronic compositions, released on EarRational, Germany
sampling keyboards, synthesizer

Deconstructive Tendencies (1989)
razor and tape, hand-turned turntable, digital delay and primitive sampler.
leaves fall, buildings crumble...

most recordings available on Bandcamp

- performance -
Live, I build kinetic ambient-industrial soundscapes using
a variety of acoustic instruments and toys to generate
sounds that are manipulated, layered, and sent out
into a multi-channel surround-sound system.
I also project my images as large as possible,
typically filling the wall behind thestage.

-short demo of sounds and images in recent performances

-excerpt from solo show in Seattle, 06.29.12-
live @ Chapel

-live solo performance on Sonarchy Radio, KEXP/Jack Straw Productions, (60 min) 11/02/09-
live broadcast on Sonarchy Radio

-guitar duo (with Jeff Greinke) recorded live at Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle 09/88-
2 guitars

- bands -
Worked for many years with Jeff Greinke, and also in a trio with
Jeff and Paul Hoskin (bass clarinet), playing guitar, hand-turned
turntable, live processing and sampling keyboards

Led three bands- STORM, a noise/funk band; cloudhouse, an
ambient groove band; and Bat Logic, a trip-hop jazz trio
featuring Jessica Lurie and Ed Pias

Was a founding member of the Metaphonics, a found-metal
percussion/performance ensemble

Played guitar in the Jesse Bernstein Band and an early version of
Sky Cries Mary

Did lead vocals and turntable in Color Anxiety, a muscular
prog/funk band

Videos of most of these projects can be found here:
- performance videos -