Located in Seattle, Studio C is a project studio for singer/songwriters, solo musicians or small groups playing folk, classical, jazz, ethnic, experimental, or any mostly acoustic music (the space is not suitable for drumkits or loud electric guitars). While many musicians can record into their computers, most do not have high-quality microphones, preamps and a/d converters, or the experience to get great-sounding recordings.
I have a selection of nice microphones, preamps, compressors, and good a/d converters, as well as years of experience playing and recording music. I enjoy working with people as well as engineering and producing music; I try to achieve a comfortable and relaxed environment.

I also do remote recording running ProTools on a laptop with an MBox2, using the Apogee Mini Me's preamps and a/d converters. With this arrangement I can record up to 4 tracks at once.

-Update- As of March 2018, I no longer have a studio space although I still have the gear, and I can still do remote recordings. I do have my personal studio set up in the former dining room in my condo, and I have recorded solo acoustic musicians here.

-The Gear-

Tube Microphones-
Mojave Audio MA-200
Lauten Audio Horizon

Solid State Microphones-
Soundelux U195
Blue Dragonfly Deluxe
Rode NT-5 (2)
Joe Meek JM-27 (2)

Dynamic Microphones-
Sennheiser MD 421-U5
ElectroVoice N/D 468
Blue Kickball
Shure SM57 (2)

Other Mics-
Cascade Fathead (ribbon)
Telefunken TD20
Argonne AR-54 (bullet)
Custom contact mics

Universal Audio LA-610 (tube pre & compressor)
Blue Robbie (tube)
Grace Design 101
Neumann V470 (2-channel)
Apogee Mini Me (2-channel)

ART VLA Dual Levelar (tube)
dbx 163X (2)
dbx 266A

A/D Converters-
Apogee Mini Me
M-Audio Delta 66 (can record up to 6 tracks at once)
Digidesign Mbox 2 (Pro Tools) for remote recording

Hafler M5 Reference
Velodyne Subwoofer
Audio Technica ATH-M50 & M40 headphones

Luxman L-80V

Universal Audio UAD-1 (1176 Limiter, Pultec EQ, Realverb modelling reverb, Little Labs Phase Alignment plug-ins)
Lexicon MPX 200
Lexicon MPX 100
Yamaha SPX 900
Alesis Midiverb II
Electro Harmonix 2880 4-track looper
Line 6 DL4 looper/delay modeler (2)
Akai Headrush 2 looper/delay (2)
Electro Harmonix 16 Sec. digital delay
Ensoniq Mirage sampling keyboard
Mackie CR1604-VLZ mixer
Numark stereo EQ
Mesa Boogie Studio .22 tube guitar amp
A variety of ethnic string instruments and hand percussion
Regal steel-body resophonic guitar
Roy Smeck lap steel guitar
Yamaha classical guitar